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How Advanced Technology Improves Your Care

You may remember a time when your dental care wasn’t all that comfortable or efficient. Goopy paste impressions had to be endured, oral surgery was invasive, and x-rays didn’t have the power to show a 3D view of your mouth. Thanks to major advancements in dental technology in recent years, we are now able to provide care that is significantly more comfortable, safe, predictable, and efficient!

Our advanced dental technology in Cape Coral, FL includes digital scanners for impressions, sophisticated design software for restorations and smile simulations, advanced healing techniques for surgery, 3D printing in our in-house dental lab, 3D imaging, and dental laser technology. Additionally, our dentists, Drs. Mark and Phillip Kraver, have completed thousands of hours of continuing education in the full spectrum of dentistry, including computer-guided surgery and restorative dentistry. Using all these technologies and more, we are here to ensure your dental experience is of the highest quality and provides the most personalized and precise outcomes!

Benefiting from Dental Technology

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • Increased precision and accuracy
  • Less invasive treatment
  • Streamlined, efficient care
  • Improved patient comfort

Our Technology

We use our digital smile design technology to create virtual smile simulations to show the result of your treatment before you undergo any procedures. We also use this technology to plan where to place the dental implants in your jaw and design the restorations.

We use custom surgical guides for more complex dental implant cases. These guides are 3D printed in-house from precise digital impressions and CBCT imaging. Surgical guides assist our dentists to place the dental implants in the most ideal locations in your bone.

We use plasma rich growth factors and platelet rich fibrin derived from a sample of the patient’s blood to aid in the healing process and tissue regeneration. Bone morphogenetic protein generally used in bone grafting procedures helps to regenerate new bone faster during healing.

We use intraoral cameras to view your teeth and gums up close to check for signs of disease and decay. These cameras provide high-resolution images that we can show you what we see!

We use our iTero scanner to take digital impressions of teeth for restorative treatments like dental crowns and bridges. Our scanner also provides painless caries detection with near-infrared images, identifying what the naked eye may not catch.

We use our sophisticated 3D printer to fabricate bite splints for teeth grinding, wax-ups so patients can “test run” restorations like veneers, and surgical guides to aid in complex dental implant surgery.

We use our Tekscan device to measure occlusion (how well your teeth fit together when you bite), bite force, and timing. This technology can help improve the treatment of malocclusion, teeth grinding, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. This digital analysis shows where teeth or restorations are not aligning properly for more precision adjustments.

We use our cone beam CT imaging to take high-resolution and 3D scans of your mouth. This includes the location of teeth, quality and density of the jawbone, and location of the nerves and sinus cavities for more precision during treatment planning.

We use the Piezosurgery technique instead of a traditional drill during bone grafting or tooth extractions to minimize the invasiveness of the procedure. Piezosurgery uses ultrasonic micro-vibrations to precisely cut bone without harming gum tissues.

We use our advanced dental laser to provide gingivectomies with minimal discomfort, swelling, or bleeding. Our dental laser gently vaporizes diseased tissues and allows us to reshape them with precision to enhance smile aesthetics.

Enhancing Quality with Our In-House Lab

In addition to our advanced dental technology, we offer the convenience and superior quality of our own in-office dental lab and experienced technician. Using the latest digital technologies, techniques, and 3D printing capabilities, we are fully equipped to provide a variety of services including custom bite splints, surgical guides, wax-ups, denture trays, convenient injection molding for denture processing, and full arch temporary dental implant restorations. We take pride in our ability to design and handcraft restorations in our lab and through this digital process, provide amazing and personalized results for our patients.

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