New Dental Implant Website in Cape Coral

Cape Dental Care is excited to announce a new site that highlights dental implants for patients in Cape Coral.  will have a variety of patient education articles, case studies, and patient testimonials. This new site will provide our current and new patients with plenty of information to make a good consumer decision. Dental implants are the best […]

Sinus Lift and Implants

Patients that are missing teeth in the back of their upper jaw may not be ideal candidates for dental implants if they have large sinuses. The maxillary sinus is a large, air filled cavity that often expands after the upper teeth are removed. Often times a sinus lift procedure is needed before dental implants can […]

Immediate Implants: Growing Back Your Teeth?

A deeply distraught patient shows up to their dental office with a broken tooth. The x-ray reveals a tooth broken off at below the gun line.  During the examination the dentist confirms what is shown in the x-ray; the tooth cannot be saved. With a heavy heart the dentist turns to the patient and tells […]

External Resorption Treatment: Dental Implant Case Study

This is a case report of a 38 y/o female that noticed a reddish pink hue coming through her tooth and decided to have it examined. Her dentist referred her to an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction, but she decided to have a second opinion at our office. After completing a full exam we determined […]

Metronidazole: Protecting your Bone Grafts

A source for inexpensive metronidazole for bone grafts.

Veinlite: Dentists can now draw blood with confidence.

With this Veinlite device it is very simple to draw blood on dental patients of all size and color.

L-PRF: Leukocytic Platelet Rich Fibrin - A New Frontier for Dentistry

Adding Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) in your grafting materials can cut healing time in half.

Hatch Reamer Sinus Lifts: When a Lateral Wall Sinus lift is Too Much Treatment

Hatch Reamer sinus lift is a fast, easy and reusable way to lift the sinus a few millimeters without a lateral wall sinus lift.

5 Axis Dental Design Center: Scanning Jig for iTero Bone-level Implant Crowns

Implant custom abutments have never been so easy with the 5 Axis Dental Design Center iTero bone-level scanning jigs.

Cone Beam CT Dentistry has Arrived!

Cone Beam CT dental x-rays are the next generation of 3D radiographs coming to dental offices around the world.