Come see our unique tropical aviary...

Our aviary has become so popular we have actually been giving guided tours to patient's visiting friends and relatives.  Other doctors in the community, and from other states drop into see it for themselves.  Nine of the twelve dental operatories have windows looking into the aviary.  Each has their own individual water feature and unique plant life.  More than 400 finches of all types fly the 150 foot long spacious aviary at any one time.  I have had several patients tell me that they actually look forward to come to our office because it is so relaxing and friendly.  One patient asked how much it would cost if she sat here all day.  Children are entertained, and the elderly drift off into the carefree finch world just outside their reach.  It is truly a sight to see.  Call for an appointment, or a tour, today!  (239) 549-8921.  

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