October 30, 2011

Cone Beam CAT Scans

Now Cape Dental Care has the most advanced digital radiographs in dentistry today with the  Vatech PaX-Duo3D Cone Beam CT.  It looks and feels just like the old panorex that circled around your head to get a picture of your whole mouth, but it records a picture in 3D!

What’s so special about 3D?  Conventional radiographs are only 2 dimensional photograms.  They are basically shadows of what is projected in the pathway of the x-ray beam.  The more dense or radio-opaque something is in the x-ray’s pathway, the lighter it appears on the film/sensor.  In other words, you can see how tall and wide something is, but you cannot tell how deep it is.  With a 3D picture you can see height, width and depth, and you can accurately measure the distance between important structures inside the mouth like nerves, teeth and sinuses. This is very important when placing implants, looking at deeply impacted teeth, evaluating complicated root canals, or trying to evaluate pathology.

Rest assure, the doctors at Cape Dental Care are constantly looking for ways to improve our patient’s care and comfort.