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If your life has been affected by irreparable or missing teeth, this can result in many troubling consequences. Difficulty or pain when eating. Self-consciousness about a gapped or toothless smile. Declining oral and physical health. We can help you overcome these problems and regain a healthier, more functional life with our custom dentures in Cape Coral, FL!

Our skilled dentists at Cape Dental Care, Drs. Mark and Phillip Kraver, have advanced training in computer-guided surgery and prosthetic dentistry, and specialize in full mouth implant reconstruction. We can provide custom-fitted, beautiful full and partial dentures in under two weeks thanks to our streamlined digital process and sophisticated in-house dental lab. With a new partial or full denture personalized to your smile, you can return to a life of better function, health, and confidence!

How Dentures And Partials Work

You may be worried that your new dentures will be like the bulky, unattractive ones your grandparent or parent wore. But with our sophisticated technology and life-like materials, this is no longer the case! Your dentures are created in our dental lab to mimic the appearance of your teeth and gums. They are generally fabricated from acrylic resin that provides support for nano-filled resin teeth. Complete dentures can replace irreparable or missing teeth in an entire arch, while partial dentures fill in the gaps created by one or more missing teeth. Modern dentures provide a fast and cost-effective way to improve your life if you’re missing teeth.

Experienced Cape Dental employee wearing blue disposable glove holding full arch top denture

Full Denture

Experienced Cape Dental employee wearing disposable gloves holding partial bottom jaw denture in palm of their hand

Partial Denture

The Benefits Of Partial And Full Dentures

Natural smile aesthetics to boost your confidence

Better dental function for a broader, healthier diet

Comfortable and fitted to improve eating and speaking

Easy maintenance for better oral health

Custom Dentures For A Brilliant Smile

Our practice is also one of the only dental practices in Southwest Florida to offer Ivobase Injection Molding Dentures from Ivoclar Vivadent®, a pioneer in high-quality denture materials. This groundbreaking technique for denture processing allows us to provide close-fitting dentures and partials that look and feel like real teeth and gums! Unlike traditional dentures, which can warp as they cure, Ivobase uses continuous pressure to fill in voids as your denture cures to offer unparalleled accuracy and fit. Additionally, with our in-house denture lab, we’ll have direct control over every detail of this denture treatment process, from start to finish. With great attention to detail and superior quality materials, we are here to provide you with a truly amazing result!

Full top and bottom set dentures from Cape Dental


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