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Are you feeling self-conscious about the gap in your smile from a missing tooth? You have a more stable alternative than a partial denture or flipper with our dental bridges in Cape Coral, FL! A tooth bridge is a dental appliance that replaces the look and function of a missing tooth. Time-tested and a popular choice, dental bridges are a secure and durable solution to major dental damage or tooth loss. Not only can a bridge improve your speech and ability to eat, but it also improves your dental health! With a dental bridge in place, neighboring teeth will remain secure and reduce your risk for complications resulting from a missing tooth.

Our cosmetic dentists, Drs. Mark and Phillip Kraver, and our certified dental lab technician James Kraver, custom design your dental bridge in our in-house lab using the exocad digital design technology. This in-house software allows us to create more precision designs for a custom dental bridge that provides a natural fit and long-term performance. Made from incredibly aesthetic and durable materials, such as porcelain, metal alloy, or zirconia, dental bridges can fix your smile and help you enjoy a more functional and confident life!

Cape Dental dentist performing bridge scan for a patient in need of dental bridges

Benefiting From Dental Bridges

Precision fit

Perfect color matching

Seamless function

Long-term durability

Improved dental health

Better self-confidence

Our Digital Design Process

At Cape Dental Care, our dental bridges are personalized and individually crafted to fit your unique needs and smile specifications. To guarantee this, we take highly accurate digital impressions of your mouth. This gives us the most precise map possible of your teeth and gums. Next, using our exocad CAD/CAM design software James Kraver constructs your new dental bridge in 3D to fit precisely over your natural teeth and along your gumline. As a certified dental lab technician and as someone with personal experience with cosmetic smile imperfections at a young age, he understands the importance natural-looking results can make on your life. That’s why every restoration provided here is truly custom-designed to you.

Your dental bridge will most likely need two “anchors” to remain secure, which can be the teeth adjacent to a missing tooth or dental implants surgically placed into the jawbone. In both cases, we design your bridge to fit seamlessly over these anchors. These precision designs are sent to a partner dental lab where your dental bridge will be hand-crafted by skilled technicians. We’ll ensure its final fit and shade, then bond it securely to your prepared teeth. You’ll be able to enjoy a natural smile that functions properly once again!

A relaxed patient receiving a bridge scan to determine if he is in need of dental bridges


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