October 6, 2010

Herpes Simplex 1 Treatment

One of my front desk workers showed up at the office Monday morning with the beginnings of a Herpes lesion on her lower right corner of her lip.

We took a diagnositic photo:


immediately post-op

I used the Lares Research PowerLase AT with 300 ? fiber Nd:YAG laser at settings 100 ?s, 20 Hz, 2.00 W for 5 minutes without anesthetic.  Just used the non-focusing laser beam as close as I could with a waving action so not to heat up the tissue and cause pain.  She was also given a supply of AlgalAid® (see description of this below).

Immediately post photos:

immediately post-op1

24 hours post-op photo: No progression of the lesion. The patient said the lesions usually look much bigger than this one.

24 hour

48 hours post-op photo:

Important to note that with this treatment, NO progression of the lesion was seen.

Case #2

27 y/o/w/m with a fast erupting herpes lesion on his lip.  He went to bed OK and woke up with a lesion ready to burst.  He has been caring for someone at his home with the flu and has been worried he was going to get it too.

24 hours later

48 hours later

72 hours later

But look what happened at 96 hour.  The lesion reappears around the periphery of the first lesion.  It was treated again with Bactine, and began to feel better immediately.

AlgalAid® is a relatively new product on the market and it is usually found in health food stores like Mother Earth.  It contains an unique blend of red marine algae extracts (Northern Red Blade Neodilsea borealis, Bleached Brunette Cryptosiphonia woodii, Cup & Saucer Constantinea rosa-marina) harvested from sustainable crops in the Jakalof Bay located between Homer and Seldovia, Alaska.

Researchers first discovered the anti-viral properties of red marine algae in the 1970-80’s and local compounding pharmacists have use them safely and effectively for the past 25 years.  The primary mechanism of action for their effectiveness lies in their ability to bind to the tail of the Herpes Virus.

Other ingredient include: Docosanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, Purified Water, Sucrose Distearate, Sucrose Stearate.  Please do not apply if you are sensitive to any of these ingredients.

Now the next time she gets a cold sore she will have to pick which treatment she wants to receive, laser or algalaid.