October 16, 2010

How to Design a Carestream/Kodak PracticeWorks Dental Chart Note: Check for Decay note

Tutorial: Writing a quick thorough note using the DIAGNOdent with PracticeWorks.

We actually have two DIAGNOdent machines and one of them is calibrated at 64 and the other at 89 so we distinguish between the two with a simple “Check box” variable. The rest of the variables are just for numbers.

This what the note looks like when it is opened and then filled out.

Results that will go into the chart (entered in either by the hygienist or dental assistant) for the doctor to see during his examination.

Any number above 30 is suspect for caries.  Although I will not do a filling solely upon these readings, it will make me look harder at the tooth with the x-rays, explorer, and high magnification.