May 10, 2011

Relaxing at the dentist just got easier…

When I was a little boy, going to the dentist was scary.  No windows, no TV, no music, and it smelled terrible.  They would sit me in a chair facing a door, and then close it. Taped on that door was a Peanuts Cartoon Snoopy poster, you know the one with Snoopy flying his doghouse around like the Red Barron.  Years later when I was in dental school I went back to visit that dentist, and guess what?  That Snoopy poster was still there taped to the back of that door, yellowed and torn.  I asked him why it was still there, and his answer was surprising, “You know I had forgotten it was there”.

From that moment on I knew I wanted my patients to have a much more enjoyable experience at my future dental practice. That’s why at Cape Dental Care, we designed each of our twelve patient rooms to be truly unique. Nine of our rooms have a special view out into our 1800 sqft bird aviary, which is home to over 600 exotic birds of 12 different species. Our other three rooms look out down our gulf access, saltwater canal which is often filled with docked sailboats!  Later, I learned there was an entire field of study devoted to providing comfortable atmospheres called environmental psychology.  Whatever you call it, the doctors and staff at Cape Dental Care are dedicated to providing our patients with the most comfortable environment imaginable.

In addition to our comfortable atmosphere, we also offer a variety of sedation methods and comfortable techniques to help make your experience as pleasant as possible. Come experience the difference today!