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Gentle Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

Understanding Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in your mouth, usually when an individual is between the ages of 16-25. Unfortunately, it is common for these 3rd molars to become impacted, cause infection or other problems, and need extraction. If you or your child is concerned about wisdom teeth removal, know that this is one of the most common procedures our dentists complete at Cape Dental Care. Completing hundreds of these cases over the years, Drs. Mark and Phillip Kraver have become especially skilled in wisdom tooth removal and have helped countless patients regain optimal oral health.

Even if you are experiencing no pain or discomfort, wisdom teeth can still damage teeth below the surface and risk decay or infection. To ensure these teeth are not harming your oral health, we recommend that you or your child visit our office for a consultation and x-rays. If treatment is needed, we’ll complete your wisdom teeth extraction in Cape Coral, FL while you are comfortably under sedation.

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Sedation options for Comfortable Dental Treatment

Types of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth that erupt and become “stuck”, or impacted, behind the second molars will need to be removed to preserve oral health and surrounding teeth. Soft tissue impaction means the wisdom teeth almost erupt into proper position but get stuck in the gum tissue. These are the most common impactions and usually cause the most trouble as food and plaque can be trapped, risking infection. Partial bony impaction occurs with the wisdom teeth get stuck half-way through the bone. More complex of a case, this extraction involves pushing the gums back and removing the portion of bone that has trapped the impacted tooth. Full bony impaction occurs when wisdom teeth get stuck entirely within the bone. Often, these can be left alone without consequence though sometimes they can develop a cyst or infection and wisdom teeth removal will be needed.

Our Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

It’s normal to feel apprehensive about undergoing surgery for wisdom teeth removal. However, this surgery is incredibly common and successful, in addition to being a procedure we complete on a routine basis at Cape Dental Care. Our office is equipped with the technology and resources needed to ensure a safe and comfortable surgery. During your procedure, we’ll gently move any soft tissues to gain access to your wisdom teeth. Then, your wisdom teeth are gently removed, and the tissues are sutured back in place. We’ll provide all follow-up instructions and be here if you have any questions during your recovery or would like to make an appointment. In no time, you’ll be fully healed from your surgery and free to live a healthy life without the lingering worry of wisdom teeth!

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