New Dental Implant Website in Cape Coral

Cape Dental Care is excited to announce a new site that highlights dental implants for patients in Cape Coral.  will have a variety of patient education articles, case studies, and patient ...
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How to Make Homemade Xylitol Toothpaste

“Where can I find toothpaste with xylitol?” is a question we are asked everyday at Cape Dental Care. Unfortunately, to purchase manufactured xylitol toothpaste you will have to either go ...
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Sinus Lift and Implants

Patients that are missing teeth in the back of their upper jaw may not be ideal candidates for dental implants if they have large sinuses. The maxillary sinus is a ...
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EndoRez: Endo/Perio Case Study

EndoRez root canal sealer made by Ultradent is my choice for filling root canals.  It is easy to use and is very hydrophilic making it ideal for flowing into tiny ...
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Sinusitis and the Dental Office

Practically every week of the year at Cape Dental Care we will have someone come in with a toothache that ends up being diagnosed sinusitis.   Their symptoms include: Sore ...
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Jaw Misalignment After Oral Appliance Therapy

"Doc!  I don't like wearing my oral appliance because my jaws don't come back together in the morning." It is a well known fact that after wearing an intra-oral appliance ...
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