Jaw Misalignment After Oral Appliance Therapy

Why you have jaw/bite problems in the morning after wearing a night guard, oral sleep appliance or retainer.


This is a piece of dental equipment that I cannot believe every dentist is not required to own.  It is a very accurate sensor that fits inside the mouth and is used to make a movie of how you put your teeth together.  It was invented in the 1980's for dentistry, but never caught on […]

Myofacial Pain with Normal TMJ – Case Study

Treatment of myofacial pain with the JVA and TekScan and complete equilibration.

Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA)

Joint Vibration Analysis

Myofacial Pain with Acute Disk Displacement – Case Study

Treatment of acute myofacial pain with the JVA, TekScan and complete equilibration.

How to Design a Carestream/Kodak PracticeWorks Dental Chart Note: Myofacial Pain note

Tutorial for CareStream/Kodak PracticeWorks dental software: Myofacial pain Note