iTero Digital Impressions

Cape Dental Care has found another way to make our patients feel more comfortable at the dental office.  As part of our office going green, we have implemented an intra-oral digital impression machine called the iTero.  The technology is similar to the laser scanner they use at the supermarket, but this is in 3D!  After we […]

Recement Crowns or Bridges: Why Did It Come Off in the First Place?

It is simple.  If a crown or bridge comes off, it has  failed.  Now why it failed is the real question.  Not every crown or bridge that fails can be recemented and if they are recemented, the reason why it failed in the first place is usually still there. Reasons Why most Crown/Bridgework Fails: Recurrent […]

Implant Case Study #1: Dynablast, Astra, iTero, TekScan

Implant case study using Dynablast socket preservation, Astra implant, and iTero impression. Includes custom PracticeWorks/Carestream chart note.