Space Maintenance in the Pedodontic Patient: May Save You Money in the Long Run

After loosing a baby tooth prematurely, if you don't use a space maintenance device then you may have to pay more in the long run for straight teeth.

Onpharma Onset Mixing Pen: Painless Shots at the Dental Office!

Finally, a dental injection that doesn't hurt.

Xylitol: Tooth Decays "Magic Pill"

Using Xylitol sugar daily will decrease the plaque formation in your mouth and help prevent dental decay.

Nature vs Nurture: Why do I get so many cavities?

If your parents had dentures, then you may have a higher chance of having denture yourself, because your parents were the ones who taught you your current oral hygiene habits, as well.

iTero Digital Impressions: Why Suffer the Goo

The technology is similar to the laser scanner they use at the supermarket, but this is in 3D!