Dental Post-operative Instructions

The mouth is a unique place compared with the rest of your body.  For one thing infections are usually not life threatening and a tooth, in some situations, can actually rot  out of the bone without too much discomfort. SUTURES (Stitches): Most extractions do not need to have a suture placed.  The gums will heal […]

Wisdom Teeth

The very last teeth to erupt in the mouth are the 3rd molars, better known as the wisdom teeth. In most instances the wisdom teeth have no problems erupting into the mouth, and they do not cause any problems as long as they are brushed and flossed regularly. Effective oral hygiene can be difficult for […]

How to Design a Carestream/Kodak PracticeWorks Dental Chart Note: Extraction note

Writing the code for a quick and extremely thorough extraction note is made easy with CareStream Kodak PracticeWorks.