Jaw Misalignment After Oral Appliance Therapy

Why you have jaw/bite problems in the morning after wearing a night guard, oral sleep appliance or retainer.

Dental Fluoride: Savior or Poison?

Savior or poison?  The answer is both!  Living through 25+ years of treating patients with fluoride, I have heard it all.  A large majority of my patient do not give having fluoride a second thought.  It is simply something you need to have to maintain a healthy dentition.  However, there is a small minority of […]

Space Maintenance in the Pedodontic Patient: May Save You Money in the Long Run

After loosing a baby tooth prematurely, if you don't use a space maintenance device then you may have to pay more in the long run for straight teeth.

The Pregnant Dental Patient

Nine Months! Then they make you take it home with you!  Yeah, I know there's a little more to it than that.  A whole lot more.  We actually break pregnancy down into pre-conception and  three distinctive trimesters: Pre-conception: Stop smoking Stop drinking Stop waiting! Seriously, if you are thinking of or trying to conceive you […]

Attest Biological Indicators: Checking Autoclaves Monthly

Test your office autoclaves at least once a month for infection control

Denture Reline: A Common Denture Maintenance Procedure

"Doc.  Just pull out all of my teeth so I won't have anymore problems with them!"  Ever hear of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire?  Unfortunately, some people loose all of their teeth and have to have dentures made.  Many have their teeth removed and the very same day  have immediate dentures […]

Dental Post-operative Instructions

The mouth is a unique place compared with the rest of your body.  For one thing infections are usually not life threatening and a tooth, in some situations, can actually rot  out of the bone without too much discomfort. SUTURES (Stitches): Most extractions do not need to have a suture placed.  The gums will heal […]

Occlusal Wear: Why Do My Jaws Hurt So Much?

What do you think the expected life span of a human being was 100 years ago?  Forty-three.  Life is so much more complicated today!  Are we living longer than our teeth were design to last?  Do people have more stress in their lives than way back then?  These are a few of the complicating factors […]

Tooth Whitening: Is This For You?

The pros and cons of whitening your teeth.

Snoring: More than just Noise: Dental Solutions

Snoring could be affecting your overall health. Find out how to stop snoring.