Painless Shots!

“Nothing personal doc, but I hate dentists.” “When I was a child, I had a dentist that hurt me so bad I never got over it.” “I’d rather have a baby than get dental work.” “I have a really high pain tolerance for everything but dental work.” “Can you just put me out, I really…

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Onpharma Onset: Possible Tissue Necrosis

Closeup of dial with adjustable numbers for tool

The answer is simple (off label usage guidelines): Dial the Onset Mixing Pen to 8-10 with 4% Articaine 2%, 3% Mepivacaine dialed to 18 2% Lidocaine dialed to 18 Since I changed the dialed mixture to 10 instead of 18 with 4% articaine I have not experienced any tissue necrosis problem. Update 01/2012: Since writing…

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