Sinusitis and the Dental Office

Practically every week of the year at Cape Dental Care we will have someone come in with a toothache that ends up being diagnosed sinusitis.   Their symptoms include: Sore upper posterior teeth (percussion, usually more than one) Feeling sensitive/swollen to the touch on their cheek Headaches Stuffy nose (runny nose, possibly green or yellow […]

Scaling and Root Planning

Scaling and root planing removes the hardened bacteria from around your teeth that you cannot clean off during everyday oral hygiene helping to prevent gum disease.

Space Maintenance in the Pedodontic Patient: May Save You Money in the Long Run

After loosing a baby tooth prematurely, if you don't use a space maintenance device then you may have to pay more in the long run for straight teeth.

Periodontal Disease: Dangerous to Your Health

The World Health Organization reports that 85% of the USA population has some kind of periodontal disease.  A small portion is due to genetics, but most is contributed to ineffective oral hygiene and a high sugar diet. Periodontal Disease: A group of diseases that affect the bone and tissues that support the teeth. What this really […]

Recement Crowns or Bridges: Why Did It Come Off in the First Place?

It is simple.  If a crown or bridge comes off, it has  failed.  Now why it failed is the real question.  Not every crown or bridge that fails can be recemented and if they are recemented, the reason why it failed in the first place is usually still there. Reasons Why most Crown/Bridgework Fails: Recurrent […]


Your tooth has been keeping you awake at night for 2 weeks!?  Now it is swollen and unbearable and you want me to touch it!? Welcome to the dentist's world. Cause of Toothaches: Dental decay- The tooth is made in three "layers": enamel, dentin, pulp (nerve).  The enamel is non-living and is the protective covering […]

Dental Sealants: Preventing Cavities Before They Start

Dental sealants can prevent cavities in children's permanent teeth.

Premedication for Dental Treatment: Artificial Joints and Heart Problems

Antibiotic premedication for your heart condition, and artificial joints for dental treatment is cheap insurance.

Relaxing at the dentist just got easier...

When I was a little boy, going to the dentist was scary.  No windows, no TV, no music, and it smelled terrible.  They would sit me in a chair facing a door, and then close it. Taped on that door was a Peanuts Cartoon Snoopy poster, you know the one with Snoopy flying his doghouse […]

Come see our unique tropical aviary...

Our aviary has become so popular we have actually been giving guided tours to patient's visiting friends and relatives.  Other doctors in the community, and from other states drop into see it for themselves.  Nine of the twelve dental operatories have windows looking into the aviary.  Each has their own individual water feature and unique […]