Salivary Gland Stone: Sialolith

One of the most common salivary gland stones is the submandibular gland's duct sialolith. This is a case study of a recent patient who came in with such a stone. This 24 year old white female presented to Cape Dental Care with an ulcer behind her front lower teeth. She was 2 month postpartum and […]

Cadent iTero: Trouble in Paradise

I admit it, I'm spoiled.  I have been using the Cadent iTero digital impression system for over two years and love it!  That is until it stopped working! Our beloved iTero first started to have problems almost exactly 2 years from the date of purchase with a dying battery back-up.  Beep, beep, beep.  We had […]

iTero Scanning Trick #1

Cadent Itero can only work if you can get a picture of what you are aiming the camera at. Otherwise, you will not connect the data together. This trick might help you with everyday scanning problems.

Tooth Subluxation Case Study

This 61 y/o/w/f has been a long time patient at our office.  She has become more incoherent over the past few years and is under psychiatric care.  She made an appointment at our office for a loose tooth after an emergency room visit, but no showed.  A week later she presents to our office looking like this: […]

Onpharma Onset: 1 Year Later

Onpharma Onset has been on the market for a year and it is gaining popularity everyday.

Er:YAG Laser PIPS: Is the Radial Shaped Tip Necessary?

I have been performing PIPS endodontics since August, 2010 and have never felt so good about doing endo in my life. Just watching all that junk pour out of the tooth is very satisfying.  However, one thing has always bothered me about this procedure; the cost of the PIPS Endo tips!  $250 each.  I must […]

External Resorption Treatment: Dental Implant Case Study

This is a case report of a 38 y/o female that noticed a reddish pink hue coming through her tooth and decided to have it examined. Her dentist referred her to an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction, but she decided to have a second opinion at our office. After completing a full exam we determined […]

Attest Biological Indicators: Checking Autoclaves Monthly

Test your office autoclaves at least once a month for infection control

Onpharma Onset: Possible Tissue Necrosis

The answer is simple (off label usage guidelines): Dial the Onset Mixing Pen to 8-10 with 4% Articaine 2%, 3% Mepivacaine dialed to 18 2% Lidocaine dialed to 18 Since I changed the dialed mixture to 10 instead of 18 with 4% articaine I have not experienced any tissue necrosis problem. Update 01/2012: Since writing […]

Dental Hygienists: Giving Local Anesthesia in Florida

Florida dental hygienist can now do local anesthesia (with training).